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 Historic and informations on the Site MICRA


9 Juillet 2000

The Site MICRA receive a new appearance for summertime.
The affiliation with the system of banner exchange of Autotraffic.net stop.


Mai 2000

The magazine "L'Automobile Magazine" of May consacre one page for The Site MICRA for his inquest named "WEB Les plus beau sites amateurs" (WEB The most beautifuls amateurs sites).


21 April 2000 You can to place your MICRA / MARCH in "Your MICRA" rubric.

7 April 2000 For promote the Site MICRA, one first banner has achieved and confided to AutoTraffic.net for his diffusion in different sites associated and in conterpart a banner is in low page.
  You can acquire the banner of Site MICRA and advertise in your page.

6 Febuary 2000 The access in the Forum and the Advertissements rubrics are rapid favour the Hit-Parade services.

6 January 2000 The Webmaster's MICRA photograph are arrived !
("My MICRA" rubric)

20 December 1999 The Site MICRA's address change : http://micra.free.fr
- The access language is the English (approximate).
- This rubric "?" is add for Site MICRA historic and news.
- Update of rubric "Links"

13 August 1999 The Site MICRA change, it is more sympathetic and more pratical.
New ... Forum.

16 July 1999 Beginning of Site MICRA, http://dbonin.free.fr/micra/micra.htm
Classics Micra pictures, sports, broken ; the first Micra's photograph of Webmaster and links.

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